Rely on International School for Best Teacher’s Faculty In Bangkok

Are you living in Bangkok and you are looking for a school that can develop your child’s thinking aptitude? International Schools Bangkok is probably what you are looking for. Brags of a dependable faculty, which is made up of a diverse and international body comprising of bilingual teaching assistants and native English speaking teachers. They are all hired on a standard two year contract from Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zeeland, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

The staff members are chosen according to their related professional experience and their educational qualifications. All hired teachers are fully licensed and certified in their home countries with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Most of the teachers have attained higher qualifications such as Ed.D, MEd, and MA. The international schools in Bangkok hires its faculty based on hiring practices that rightfully perk up child-favorable-learning environment.

All hired teaching teams comprise of personnel that’s specifically accredited and qualified for their students’ age group. The school thus, provides opportunities for professional development through opportunities such as IB training to make sure that they support continued facilitation of newest academic research and to perk up best educational practices. The faculty collaborates with colleagues in almost all areas, so they work together in delivering, assessing and planning their set of courses.

International Schools Thailand is additionally delighted to offer the distinction of employing many staff members holding positions in the IB Organization. This paves way for the school to be intimately involved with the direction and developments of the IB education system at the global level.

Some of the positions that our staff holds include: PYP team leader, IB authorization visitors, examiners, workshop leaders, workshop evaluators, IB Certified PYP teacher trainers, curriculum development team members, vice chair of the IB board, governor of the IB board and more. Most of our teachers are actually IB teacher trainers, and assist to train educators on how to become credited IB teachers in Thailand and the rest of the world. This makes International Schools in Thailand a perfect centre of both curriculum and co-curriculum excellence.

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